Wednesday, June 27, 2012

When the going gets tough...

...the tough buys herself two pairs of shoes for the price of one to cheer herself up.

 JustFab is currently running a 2 for $39.95 sale on TONS of stuff, and I needed a pick me up so I got two pairs of Abbey Dawns for $39.95. Both of these have been in my wishlist for literally months and it was time to just shut up and purchase them. (I'm about as much of a fan of Avril Lavigne as Snooki is a fan of flat hair and I think that had gotten in my way of getting these sooner.) They are made by Iron Fist (see! I'm obsessed), so I expect that "Starstruck" will be huge (like Filthy Landlubber) and "Pretty Please" slightly large - I'm basing this on previous Iron Fist sizing in those shapes. And, yes, I did need TWO pair of black strappy peep toes. They're completely different. Totally. One has stars and one has studs! Night and day!
Starstruck and Pretty Please from the Abbey Dawn Collection
Unfortunately, they won't be here by the time I leave for vacation, but they'll be a nice welcome back to the office when I get back. I'm sure I'll need all the help I can get with that day, and it will probably result in the purchase of more shoes - like today did.

In the meantime, run over there and see what you can find. There are still lots of cute shoes, bags, and jewelry available in the BOGO. Run! Go! Shoo!

Happy Shopping!

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