Sunday, June 10, 2012

More Iron Fist - are you surprised?

I swear I'm done with the Iron Fist for now, but I've still got one un-reviewed pair of Iron Fist in my possession, not including flip flops.

I got the Posey Platforms a couple of weeks ago from The print on these is just awesome. There are lips, skulls, and polka dots. And they're even more vibrant in person. The peachy background is almost neon in person. They fit me a little wide, as do most Iron Fists, but with a quick insert, they're perfect and feel like running shoes. No joke. There is one tiny complaint I have with them though. The shank is not very rigid, so until you get used to how they feel, they seem to flex a little in the arch and it may weird you out. I got used to it pretty quick though and it didn't bother me. In fact, I like these so much that I'm going to get at least one other pair in this same cut - The Filthy Landlubbers, and maybe one or two more. The size 7's are 4.5" tall with a 1.25" platform.

As a side note, originally sent me these by mistake. I've included the picture because you can see the print much better (click to enlarge). Silly me didn't even try these on or measure them though so I can't really tell you much about them. They're really cute in person though and if you can wear something this bright and different then I highly recommend them. 

I promise, other than a quick mention in an upcoming "Shopping for Vacation" post and the Filthy Landlubbers mentioned above, I'm done blabbing at you about Iron Fist now. At least until the fall collection starts rolling out. I swear. Maybe.

Maybe you should just hope for me to find a new obsession in shoes for a while. ;)

Happy Shopping!

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