Saturday, June 2, 2012

June Shoe Club Summary

Sole Society changed their format again. They are no longer doing monthly releases, but daily. I think it's a little odd, but it's their prerogative. In the midst of this change though, they changed their referral program to pay you per referral instead of making you get three referrals and then giving you a credit. So, when I logged in yesterday, I had $16.65 in account credit that I combined with code SYDNEY15 for another $15 off and I snagged a pair of shoes I've been wanting for literally months - Ruthie in Violet Pink. I even sold my Jessica Simpson Bendies to justify these since they're similar colors. I really hope I'm not disappointed. For the month of June, you'll get $25 in referral credit for every person you refer who buys. Not a bad deal, really. So use my link if you want to sign up. ;)

Willa from JustFab
From JustFab, who I have multiple credits with, I fell in love with Willa in pink/neon. Which appears to be by Delicious and is available in this and other colors on Charlotte Russe and UrbanOG. However, I realized, after the fact, that they're similar colors and concept to Ruthie, above, so I'll have to put them side by side to see what I really think. I also like a couple of others and still can't stop staring at Makeeda in red, so those are probably next on the list.

Liya from Shoe Dazzle
That is, unless I get Jeni from ShoeDazzle to satisfy my need for red peep toes. But I don't have any credits with ShoeDazzle and I'd have to buy them outright, and if I've got to do that, and break the diet, then I'm getting Liya in blue. They also re-released Carrington in a rainbow of colors and a new leopard pattern. I will say, without qualification, that my Carringtons are some of the best shoes I've ever owned. Perfect height, comfortable, and sexy. There also weren't many quality issues with them, which has honestly become rare to see with the Dazzle. In fact, between their recent quality issues and the fact that they've gone to the slowest and worst possible shipping methods for purchases and returns, I doubt I can bring myself to get Liya - or any other thing from them. And that's sad because, as you can read, I like multiple things from them, for the first time in months. Oh how the mighty have fallen. But, they're on Ebates now, so there's a small glimmer of shine left.

Dayna from ShoeMint
ShoeMint is still horendously overpriced, especially for the plainish stuff they've got. I love the shoes I've gotten from them but would never have paid any where near $80 for any of them. There is a pair from last month that I've got my eye on but I need a SERIOUS discount to pull the trigger. But, beyond that, they were having MAJOR site issues yesterday (maybe still are). If you think you successfully logged in and skipped - you didn't. Unless you got an email confirming your skip, you need to log back in and skip AGAIN. Yes, some of us had to skip TWICE. On an $80 shoe club. That would be a sucky surprise on the 6th. Make sure you get a screen grab of your skip just to protect yourself, too. Of course, all of this only applies if you were even able to log in at all since yesterday, because a lot of women weren't.

All in all, it wasn't a bad intro to June, but it wasn't the best either. What did you think? What did you buy?


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