Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well, this is a new problem.

You've all heard me talk about my tingers, ad nauseum. I have really long skinny toes. They change how a lot of shoes fit me. Most all of my shoe fit issues are because there isn't enough length in the toe box for my toes. This causes them to squish in closed toes (while my heels slip), or to try and creep over the front in open toes. But, until now, I've never had a pair that the tingers wanted to escape off the side of the shoe. I got Ruthie from Sole Society last week and had about 30 seconds to try one shoe on before I had to be somewhere. I tried one on, didn't even stand up in them, and thought they felt odd. It looked like my toes were trying to scoot over the edge on the side. This is a problem I'd expect if I had a wide foot, but I don't. It's narrow. I didn't get a chance to really try them on until Sunday and it was even more bizarre than I'd thought.

I tried to get a picture of exactly how they fit me, but I can't get one that actually shows it. The straps aren't tight enough to keep my toes from scooting over and the three outer toes actually slide off the side. I'm devastated by this development. Not only are these shoes gorgeous and otherwise comfortable, but I sold my flippin' Bendie's to justify them since they're virtually the same colors. Now, I have neither. Well, technically I've still got Ruthie, but they're for sale - I don't want to have to worry about getting rid of a Sole Society credit that I'll never use. (They're a 7 - let me know if you are interested in them). I think the problem would actually be worse if I went up a size as the straps that aren't strapping the tingers in would be even larger.

I've never had this issue before so I decided to try on the Jessica Simpson Endo - which is the same shoe - and had the same problem. I think it's because of the straps attaching further down on the platform instead of just below the foot bed. I'm gonna have to avoid this style in the future, and that makes me sad.

Oh well, there will be more shoes. Always.

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