Sunday, June 24, 2012

Excited to be going, hating to be packing though.

I'm always terrified that when I travel, I'll forget to pack something majorly important. Other than Mardi Gras 2006, when I forgot my toothbrush, I don't think it's ever actually happened though. Never the less, it causes me a great deal of anxiety to pack - especially when leaving the country for 8 days.

I, with the help of some Sole Sisters, finally decided on my 'main' pair of shoes for the trip. The Chinese Laundry 'Desperado' (I bought them from ShoeDazzle as Akemi) in ivory. Now that I've chosen them, I'll start adding outfits that match them. I may also toss in one pair of white or nude heels, but we'll have to see how much my suitcase weighs, first. Otherwise, I'll be in flip flops, sandals, or tennies all week. At least the main pair is chosen. Considering I've been putting tons of thought into that for months, it's a big weight off of my shoulders.

The way I see it is, between our two checked bags, I can pack 100 pounds plus our carry-ons. Everyone keeps telling me I should pack things that I can wear multiple times, but, ummm...Hullo? It's 90 degrees with equal humidity in Jamaica - I am NOT re-wearing sweat soaked clothes. Uh-uh. No way. But I don't want to over-pack either. I know most days we'll just lounge on the beaches or by the pools, so I'm packing 3 coverups as my main clothing, but I need stuff to wear to dinner every night, to wear on the days we go off resort, and for the night we go hit the local Margaritaville. Because I'm such a planner, this freaks me out to try and decide. Not to mention, I have to make all these decisions for dear Hubs, also. So, I'm spending my weekend indoors, in the air conditioning, anxiously putting things in the suitcase, then rethinking it and taking them back out.

I absolutely hate packing. That is all. I hope you are having a better weekend than I.


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